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Product Comparison Practice Presentation Powerpoint

Excel Basic 1-11

Pivot Table Instruction

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VLookup Job Salary

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Links for Word Class


Mail Merge letter

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Links for Internet and search class

Search Assessment Precourse assessment

Activity 1 - Filter by color

Activity 2 - How search works


At Barkai, our initial goal was to develop our learners into digital literates; be sure they were comfortable using a computer and the Microsoft suite. Today the shift is in using Google apps for Education and several other apps to promote 21st century skills. We also recognize that our learners today are digitally literate (using the apps to  produce a certain end product), and the next step is to achieve digital fluency (using devices to make student thinking visible, to give every student a voice, and to allow them to share their work.)
Our learners,  “Generation Z” never knew a world without smartphones, tablets, and social media. They talk in images, they prefer learning that has meaning and purpose, they like to have hands on projects, and they like to be creative.
To achieve these goals in the middle division, we are using technology to support problem based learning and collaborations. The students worked in teams on a complex and real-world challenge, that required them to plan an event. It entailed planning, budgeting, promoting through social media, and presentation.
In the younger grades the students are sharpening their skills through engaging and collaborative projects, that encourage students to focus on the method they use to reach a solution rather than the solution itself. Each project addressing the needs and interests of individual students. Their thinking becomes visible through apps like Google Drawing and Slides.
My goal is for each and every student to have the skills needed to express themselves through technology, to leave with a love of learning and recognize their personal style of learning through technology to prepared our students for their working lives.

.I also offer training for beginners, Internet, Email, all Microsoft Office programs on many levels, Photoshop, Dreamw eaver, Google apps, and QuickBooks. PC, Mac, IPad, IPhone. Email me for more details.

Resources and Interesting Articles - This website has many students/teacher friendly websites divided in to categories. Explore the many websites with content, games, mind puzzles


A list of trustworthy resources to help you learn what's true (and what isn't!) on the web


Computer Science

Grade 1-5

Dance Mat Typing

Typing Scout

Lightbot Solve Puzzles using Programming Logic.

Thinking Myself

Codekingdoms learn Javascript by defeting evil glitches

Scratch program your own interactive stories, games, and animations

All Can Code

Grades 6+

Code Maven

Javascript Roadtrip

Khan Academy Computer Programming

Computer Literacy

Google Sheets - list of Shortcuts

Online Atlas -maps

World Atlas


Holt Rienhart & Winston Atlas

Current Events for kids

current event and high interest articles for students. Some are specific to certain grade levels, while others provide multiple versions of their articles at different lexile levels so students of all ages can engage with the writing. A few great sites to consider for articles include:



Dogo News

Here There Everywhere


Scholastic News Online

National Geographic Kids

Science News for Students

Sports Illustrator

Games and Fun Places

Go to Fact Monster

Play and Learn the 50 States by This suggestion came from 5th grader Lauren and her grandma Janelle

MrNussbaum - geography

States & Capitals Practice

US States and Map Puzzle

Geography Games

The Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation

National Geographic Kids

American History

Social Studies Games (maps, history, the world, 50 states, U.S. Presidents, flags)

Fun Social Studies

Quiz Hub; Educational Games, Logic Puzzles, and Quizzes

PBS kids

Cool Math

Peep and the Big Wide World - Good for Preschoolers

Storyline Online - Stories read aloud to children to improve reading, writing and communication skills

What happened on this day in history!

New York Times

Library of Congress


U.S. Citizenship Test


Egyptian Art Resources

BBC - History - Ancient History in depth: Pyramid Challenge

Interactive and Instructional Art site for kids

3D Printing Pen

SketchUp - Free 3D Modeling Program




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